• Atelier 123

    Atelier 123 is a project space for artists and an arts education workshop located at Piprensarvägen 8 in Hökarängen. A growing number of artists live and work in Hökarängen. Atelier 123 endeavours to offer artists the opportunity to develop project ideas and present their work to a diverse audience. The space also aims to work actively with international guest artists. The project space is made available to local resident families with children, and to the locally based children’s and youth activities through educational projects. Atelier 123 is run by artist/curator Finbar Krook Rosato and arts educator Maria Andersson.


  • Cecilia Hultman

    Cecilia Hultman is a Stockholm‐based artist deeply engaged in the act of drawing and the reinterpretation of found material. She is primarily interested in direct representation and the relationship between language and drawing. Hultman’s work examines language use and word choice in expression, and makes connections with the aspects of choice and repetition inherent in the drawing process. Both are means of translation. In copy/copy the viewer will see the artist’s ‘notations’ on the physical world, embodied by texts and objects, represented in her extremely accurate pencil drawings.



    Matthew Alexander King is an artist and writer based in Cape Town whose work often presents failure and misrepresentation as an artistic gesture. copy/copy will present King’s ongoing project Notes Towards Making Work. It is essentially a series of texts comprising: actual notes about making work, gathered quotations, vague diaristic extracts, aphoristic statements, and more besides. These texts are presented each on an A4 piece of paper, which in turn are presented in a tightly spaced grid. The offered information is overwhelming and immersive. The work attempts to articulate the intellectual process of making art, while at the same time suggesting that this articulation is not entirely possible.